Project Publication

Imprints: Art Editing Modernism project publication.

Box: Gillian Stewart, Juju Books.
Design: A Visual Agency: Emlyn Firth, with Claudio Fabbro.
Photo credit: Christopher Morrison.
Imprints: Art Editing Modernism catalogue, 2021.

Bryony Randall, Jane Hyslop and Edwin Pickstone, ‘Introduction’, 2021. in a new tab)
Barbara Balfour, Matching Every Colour, 2021. Facsimile postcard.
Ane Thon Knutsen, Blue and Green, 2021. Risograph.
Maura Dooley, ‘A Haunted House’, 2021. Letterpress.
Scott Myles & Edwin Pickstone, Beware of First Hand Ideas, 2021.
Maria Fusco, Sarah and Alice, 2021.
Lara Eggleton, ‘An Art Editor’s Manifesto’, 2021.
Kristin Mojsiewicz, ‘Pochoir Printing: Manicules’, 2021.

Pip Osmond-Williams, ‘Pochoir Printing: Colour and the Textual Sphere’, 2021.

Linda Parr, ‘What does it mean to be the fellow-worker and accomplice of a (modernist) writer?’, 2021.
R H Lowe, ‘Socratic Catalogue’, 2021.
Imprints of the New Modernist Editing
Art Editing Modernism