Project Publication

Imprints: Art Editing Modernism project publication.

Box: Gillian Stewart, Juju Books.
Design: A Visual Agency: Emlyn Firth, with Claudio Fabbro.

All photos taken by Christopher Morrison.
Imprints: Art Editing Modernism catalogue, 2021.

Bryony Randall, Jane Hyslop and Edwin Pickstone, ‘Introduction’, 2021.
Barbara Balfour, Matching Every Colour, 2021. Facsimile postcard.
Ane Thon Knutsen, Blue and Green, 2021. Risograph.
Maura Dooley, ‘A Haunted House’, 2021. Letterpress.
Scott Myles & Edwin Pickstone, Beware of First Hand Ideas, 2021.
Maria Fusco, Sarah and Alice, 2021.
Lara Eggleton, ‘An Art Editor’s Manifesto’, 2021.
Kristin Mojsiewicz, ‘Pochoir Printing: Manicules’, 2021.

Pip Osmond-Williams, ‘Pochoir Printing: Colour and the Textual Sphere’, 2021.

Linda Parr, ‘What does it mean to be the fellow-worker and accomplice of a (modernist) writer?’, 2021.
R H Lowe, ‘Socratic Catalogue’, 2021.
Imprints of the New Modernist Editing
Art Editing Modernism